Fund-a-Need 2021:

Snyder-Durant Park


The Marshall curriculum has always included outdoor learning and physical activity specifically designed to improve academic performance, self-discipline, and ability to focus. This type of play supports our ability to foster lifelong habits for a healthy lifestyle and develop skills such as problem solving, leadership, creativity, persistence and communication. 

In an effort to enhance our ability to offer outdoor opportunities to all of our students, this year's Fund-a-Need will build an innovative outdoor classroom and activity park. The new activity space will be named in honor of two outstanding faculty members who are celebrating 31 years at Marshall School, Middle school principal Karen Snyder and middle school English teacher Lori Durant, both who were instrumental in the founding of our middle school.


Snyder-Durant Park will be built where we currently have our playground. Because of its close proximity to the building, the playground space is the area most commonly used during recess, gym, and for short classroom outings during the day. Improvements to the area will include replacing the outdated playground with equipment designed for middle and upper schoolers, designing a walking path with fitness stations, and building a permanent covered outdoor classroom for the various learning activities that occur every day at Marshall.