Fine Arts

The Fine Arts allow students to develop the creative skills -- through music, visual arts, and drama -- necessary for their full growth as engaged, imaginative participants in the 21st century. Through each of these arts disciplines, young people are challenged to view themselves and the world in new and innovative ways, which will help them navigate the ever-changing world they will enter as adults.

Marshall offers a variety of experiences for all students in the fine arts. Music education includes choral, band and orchestral opportunities. Middle and Upper School drama opportunities are available throughout the year. Visual arts offerings include drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture and more.


The exploration and experience of music at Marshall affirms the school’s goal to develop the education of the whole student in mind, body and spirit. Whether engaged in choral, orchestral or band activities, students learn through music to see themselves and their world in new ways.

Students are encouraged to develop strong independent practice habits, respect each other’s talents and abilities, and appreciate the value of music in daily life. The music program atMarshall offers individualized instruction at all levels as well as group performance opportunities. The program includes general music, strings, choir, chamber singers, chamber strings, music theory, band, jazz band and music listening contest.

Visual Arts

All of Marshall's studio art courses emphasize hands-on art making activities but also include slide presentation and discussion of cultural or historical art as context. Aesthetics and art criticism are studied and practiced as part of each art course. Upper School courses may be taken without regard to sequence.

One-half credit of visual arts must be completed (grades 9-12) before graduation. In the Middle School, visual arts meets every other day in the 5th and 6th grade, and may be taken as a daily elective in 7th and 8th grade.


The skills learned through making theatre reach further than the stage and enrich a student’s learning beyond middle and high school. Theatre activities foster imagination, encourage creativity and promote teamwork -- all of which enable young people to become stronger problem-solvers and community-builders.

Students have a number of opportunities in both middle and upper school years at Marshallto explore the theatre experience. Each year all Middle School students participate in a grade-level musical or play, while upper school students can choose to participate in two “main stage” productions as well as the annual One-Act Play competition.

The school’s Fregeau Auditorium is a sought-after performance space for drama and music. Recently renovated, including the creation of the "Zeppa Stage", which re-equipped the space with state of the art lighting, sound controls and a new scene shop.

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