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Visual Art

All of Marshall's studio art courses emphasize hands-on art making activities but also include slide presentation and discussion of cultural or historical art as context. Aesthetics and art criticism are studied and practiced as part of each art course. 


Digital Art

Digital Art


Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Photography, Videography, Explore Art and More!
So many different types of visual art for students to choose from! 

2021 Fine Arts Showcase

Fine Arts Showcase
Students work hard throughout the year learning and exploring different mediums and styles of studio art. Each year students get an opportunity to display their artwork for their friends, family, and community members. 

A Look Inside...
Marshall Curriculum

Students at Marshall get to explore elements of Visual Art outside of the "art" classroom. At Marshall different disciplines are often integrated throughout lessons to helps students make meaningful connections to what they are learning. Middle School students created their own Ojibwe Bandolier Bags during their social studies class.