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Power School

Parents will use the Powerschool Parent Portal to update student demographic Information, and for accessing lunch information and payments. 

  • When you sign in for the first time you will create your account and link students
  • Directions, including student access IDs will be emailed directly to each family.  
  • Families will need to verify student information before September 1.  This will replace the paper “blue sheet” from previous years.
  • Families will be able to view lunch program information and add money to their student’s account.
Powerschool Parent Portal Set-up Instructions
  1. Access the Powerschool Parent Portal at:
  2. Create your account. If this is the first time signing in, you must create an account - click on the “Create Account” Tab, and then click the blue “Create Account” on the bottom right. Then enter your desired account information (name, email, username and password).

  3. Link to your students. Under the section “Link students to account” fill out the information for each student you have.  Use the Access ID and password for each student that were sent in a separate email.  Make sure to select the Enter Button on the bottom right once you have all the information entered.

  4. Log-in with your credentials.. You will automatically be directed to the login screen. Login with the username and password you just created (not the student Access ID and Access password.)
  5. Update the information for your students. You will then be taken to the Demographic Update page.

  6. On the top left you have all your children you linked to in Step 4.  Click on one to get to the associated child’s information. You must fill out the information for all children.  In the middle column you see the information that is on file with the school. To make changes or to add information, fill out the text boxes on the right side under “Please make your updates”. After finished reviewing or making changes, click the checkbox on the bottom of the screen and hit submit.


Using the parent portal to make Lunch Payments
  1. Click on the Lunch Payment icon on the left side

  2. Click on the orange fork & knife icon to make payments

  3. It will re-direct to the Wordware account creation site. Fill in the appropriate information and then accept the terms and conditions.

  4. Click on the Family Accounts tab and remember the Family ID (Not family account ID) which you will need for registering efunds.

  1. To make a payment click on “Add funds” link. It will again redirect to efunds for schools. You will need to create an efunds account and link your family account or student accounts. Click on the New Users Register Here link. Use the Family ID to link your account to efunds.