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Lucas Anderson

Art Teacher, 10th Grade Advisor

Colleen Bender

Middle School Counselor

Jennifer Berry

Annual Fund Director

Amanda Boulier

Enrollment Manager

Dana Breen

External Relations Assistant

Kevin Breen

Head of School

Dylan Chernov

ELL Teacher, 9th Grade Adivsor, Director of the MAC (Marshall Academic Commons)

Tom Diener

Science Teacher, 8th Grade Advisor

Andrew Dillenburg

Choir Director, 11th Grade Advisor

Lori Durant

English Teacher, 8th Grade Advisor, Middle School Humanities Department Chair

Cassie Erdmann

Math Teacher, 12th Grade Advisor

Heather Fishel

Upper School Principal

Jeremy Friese

Middle School Teacher, 5th Grade Advisor

Ben Gagne

IT Network Administrator

Sally Goodman

Science Teacher

Kari Greenan

French Teacher, 9th Grade Advisor, World Language Department Chair

Nate Harsha

Social Studies Teacher, 8th Grade Advisor

Brandon Hieb

Facilities Director

Heather Holst

History Teacher

Amanda Houle


Chris Ibarra

French Teacher, 11th Grade Advisor

Dave Johnson

Middle School Teacher, 6th Grade Advisor

Sorrel Kaspszak

History Teacher, 12th Grade Advisor

Bettina Keppers

Director of Marshall House (Residence Hall)

Christa Knudsen

Director of International Programs

Dean Korach

Director of Food Services

Kelly Krenzen

Health Center Nurse

Scott Kylander-Johnson

English & Social Studies Teacher, 6th Grade Advisor & Class Dean

Julie LaFond


Tony Lockhart

Director of Technology, 12th Grade Advisor & Class Dean
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 30 of 63 constituents