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As we prepare for the school year, we seek to balance health and safety concerns with our community’s desire to maximize in person learning opportunities.  Recognizing the complexity of this aspiration, a task force of administrators examined nearly every aspect of school life.  In planning this school year, we recognized the opportunities to leverage several strengths:

  • Our independent governance structure, which enables us to pivot quickly
  • Our dedicated faculty willingly tackled significant professional development during the summer months
  • Our ten years of experience with 1:1 technology
  • Our spacious building and vast outdoor spaces
  • Our integrated advisory program and strong student/teacher relationships
  • Our motivated students, and our families who prioritize learning

The success of this school year is predicated on a community wide “social contract.” We are calling on all members of the community to follow best practices. We ask that all Hilltoppers wear masks, practice physical distancing and good hygiene, and avoid non-essential travel.

Marshall/Cathedral has endured many challenges in the last 100+ years. This is a significant one. We need to call on our “Toppers Together” spirit and rise to the occasion. 

We look forward to welcoming you back in just a few weeks.

Updates from Head of School Kevin Breen

Watch Kevin's update on planning for the 2020-2021 school year. 



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