Marshall Space Experiment Presentation at Duluth Children's Museum

Marshall Space Experiment Presentation at Duluth Children's Museum

Are you available tomorrow morning to go to space with some frogs? If you are, head to the Duluth Children's Museum from 9-11 a.m., Thursday, March 12, to learn more about the Marshall students who have been selected to have their science experiment performed on the International Space Station.

Later this summer, the experiment proposed by Marshall seniors Alli Hall, Pentti Hanlon, and Anna Nordin will be conducted by astronauts on the International Space Station. The trio has proposed an experiment focusing on how frog embryos develop in microgravity.

The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), is an annual competition-based program that allows students to create proposals for experiments they'd like to see carried out in microgravity. The winning experiment is sent to the International Space Station, where it will be conducted by astronauts.

The entire community, especially younger learners, is invited to tomorrow's presentation. There will also be information on other projects which were proposed for the SSEP opportunity.

Topper Tunnels

One of our traditions is to send state bound students off to their competition with a "topper tunnel." where all students line the front hallway and cheer for their classmates. Some of the teams and activities honored recently include:

  • Math League
  • Dance
  • Robotics
  • All State Music
  • Tennis
  • CyberPatriots



There might be plenty of paths from Korea to New York City's theater stages, but Paul Yoon may have taken one of the longer routes. The 2016 Marshall graduate started his journey in our Fregeau Auditorium and now finds himself at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

Click below to learn more about Paul's journey from the Korea to the Big Apple with a critical layover in the Twin Ports!

Many people feel this is the best time of the year because of all the holidays, celebrations, and cheer as we wrap up another trip around the sun. More than a few others celebrate lists this time of year. Top moments of 2017, top movies of 2017, top sports plays of 2017 ... all those year-end lists give us chances to compare, contrast, debate and delve into a year's worth of memories. We're lucky at Marshall to have Kim Kosmatka as our photographer. She's talented, she's the best at capturing those "Marshall moments," and she knows our school and students so well! We've asked Ms. Kosmatka to put together her 17 best photos from 2017, and we'll be unveiling one per day leading up to 2018. The first photo, along with a bit of insider info from Ms. Kosmatka, will be on our Facebook page December 15. Be sure to head there each day to see this list unfold. And, since it is the giving season, be sure to give our Marshall School page a "like" and a "follow" if you haven't yet. Let's also spread the cheer to those outside of the Marshall community (and, in turn, give Ms. Kosmatka some much-deserved love) by hitting the "share" button on these fantastic photos images for which we are so thankful!