Marshall School set for 2nd Annual Film Fest

Marshall School set for 2nd Annual Film Fest

Respect will be the theme of this year's Marshall School Film Festival, which runs from Monday, February 2, through Tuesday, February 10.

There are four film options, and Upper School students will be selecting the film they'll be viewing during the festival today. Selections for this year's films are based on the variety of perspectives they provide on respect and its expression among teens as they face the challenges of adolescence. The objective is to generate meaningful reflection and conversation among students about how they demonstrate respect to others. The small group discussions that follow the screenings will examine the role that respect plays in each film. 

Parents are encouraged to explore the films by viewing the trailers using informational links they received in a school-wide e-mail communication, and must provide a permissions slip if the student chooses the one R-rated selection.

The four movie options are:

Finding Forrester - PG-13

Perks of Being a Wallflower - PG-13

Slumdog Millionaire - R

To Save a Life - PG-13