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Issue 8


FALL 2023



What does it mean to belong? Beyond being part of, a member of, included, affiliated, located, connected, rooted in... belonging is one of humanity’s most basic core needs. It goes as deep as being known, loved, secure, supported, welcomed, accepted, authentic... knowing one has a rightful place. 

As Hilltoppers, each and every one of those words applies to any person who joins our community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members, parents, siblings, donors, grandparents... there is room for us all. 

In this issue of the Hilltopper magazine, we explore Marshall experiences of belonging... such as stepping into a new administrative position, diverse backgrounds converging in our Marshall House dorm, and remarkable “legends” who contributed an entire career to our school community.

We invite you to read about ways additional activities help young learners connect and grow, unique opportunities and approaches existing in our Middle School, a community effort to enhance the athletic experiences of our students, and extraordinary achievements by our Hilltopper friends.

We celebrate all of this, because in our beloved school, the Hilltopper spirit and pride reminds us... we all belong.

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