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Issue 6


FALL 2022



Like an underground river of roots between trees, we live an interconnected existence, woven amongst not only the environment surrounding us, but the people, friends, and communities we come into contact with throughout our lives. We are but a small part of the ecosystem around us, dependent on the resources of the land, the wisdom of the forest, and the hum of humanity; we are responsible for finding our part, nurturing others along the way, and contributing to the good of the collective whole. 

In this issue of The Hilltopper, we explore how all of the pieces of one macro-organism come together, the natural order of life inside and outside of our Marshall halls, mirroring the make-up of a tree that is part of, and dependent on, all of the resources it takes to survive and thrive. 

From seeing the Marshall community through the leaves in a stand of aspen, to exploring the root system of our shared beliefs—come along as we navigate the veins, rings, and layers of our beloved school. 

The firm foundation of our mission and core values supports a trunk of formative principles that add on to the values developed at home, as one family branches out in many different directions from that central post. And as a tree loses its leaves in the fall, only to regenerate new healthy growth the following year, we’re pleased to show off a stunning crop of building renovations that blossomed over the summer. Then, like a fruit tree sending off a new crop of seedlings through the hillside, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in one Marshall family, where we’re pleased to introduce a new generation in environmental education. 

Finally, we’ll look at the courage and strength it requires to grow where you have been planted, whether on the side of a cliff, in battering winds, or through relocation altogether, one Hilltopper shares her journey from her war-torn country to the shelter of our Marshall grove.

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