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Issue 5





This issue of the Hilltopper explores what happens in “the space between,” the gray area between known and unknown–the space of transition, change, and adaptation–seasoned with the verbs of movement, travel, forward momentum, progression, transformation. Through the eyes of our ’Topper family, we examine the necessary and unavoidable periods of development in life where what happens can be hard and uncomfortable, or hopeful and exciting–the only difference being the lens of attitude through which we are looking.

In the accompanying pages, journey with us as we explore these transitions, beginning with our Head of School moving his family and career in times of immediate and unprecedented change, identifying needs of the community, and choosing to be part of positive momentum forward. We have staff retiring and entering a new chapter of life, being recognized for the bridges built between students, science, and the environment, and charting Marshall’s history through periods of adaptation, development, and growth to the most recent creation of the much-anticipated Forest School. In our classrooms, students are venturing out from the bubble of Marshall School to connect with area farmers to collaborate and use engineering studies to solve real problems, learning and pushing through challenges along the way. And in the space between semesters, our learners and teachers are exploring new and exciting subjects through iTerm courses. As we work to prepare our seniors to transition to their first year at college and beyond, we also speak with an alum who, in parallel, is helping at-risk youth through periods of great and uncomfortable transition in our local community. Finally, we connect with alumni on what they’ve done between then and now, how their time at Marshall influenced that, and we share their stories to inspire young minds within our Hilltopper halls.

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