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Issue 4


FALL 2021



Knowing where you are when you begin a journey can make a world of difference in where you end up. One thing that has been reinforced over the last year and a half is the importance of place and the role that plays in the development of individuals and communities.

Thanks to technology and a willingness to be flexible, we could do school virtually, and we did it well: Marshall students did not miss a single day of instruction from the first day of moving class online in March 2020. While the remainder of that school year was successful overall, it also highlighted how irreplaceable time together on campus is. Interactions between students, faculty, and the curriculum itself are simply best in person, and we celebrate that strength we create together.

Beyond that, our location on the map presents incredible opportunities to engage with the natural world in meaningful ways. From the sixth grade Brewery Creek water testing projects to the ninth grade trip to Camp Menogyn (pg. 8) and beyond, students are encouraged to connect with the place in which they live. Learning to navigate through challenges and find their path in and beyond Marshall prepares students to engage with more abstract problems later in life, something Emi Lyman ’02 (pg. 10) tackles in her work. Wherever Hilltoppers end up in life, we are proud to know that you were here.

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