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Issue 3





In the context of a school community, how can we make necessary changes while keeping the essence of who we are? As Hilltoppers start their educational journey, each class learns and grows and leaves as new graduates.

The students who form the school community are continually learning and growing and leaving to be replaced by the next year’s students. In many ways, we are more comfortable with constant change than we often believe we are. That became apparent through the swift and sudden upheaval during this last March: It was too much too quickly for too long. And yet, we continued on as a community, held together by the goal of providing excellent educational opportunities for our students.

These pages contain many examples of that tenacity to keep on, to keep our identity, even as we traded out in-person classroom time for video meetings and Topper Tunnels through crowded hallways for different ways of celebrating student success. That is one of the beautiful things about Marshall: Challenges are met by attitudes of opportunity, a willingness to learn, and a willingness to say, “I don’t know, but let’s figure it out together.”

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