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Issue 2


FALL 2020



When we decided to dedicate this issue to equity and inclusion, two things became very obvious very quickly: first, that we needed input from alumni, and second, that this is not a one-and-done conversation. We hosted a video call with a diverse group of alumni and asked them to share their feedback, their experiences, their hopes, and dreams for the students here. They brought so much insight and so many thought-provoking perspectives that we had two more conversations and considered how to best share them, focusing right now with the particular lens of what it is like to be a Black student at Marshall.

As a school, we know we have more questions and more work to do than we have answers, but we are committing to continue our equity and inclusion work, and we want to share it with our Hilltopper community. Over the next several issues of the Hilltopper Magazine, you will find deeper dives into what needs to be done to ensure that Marshall School is a safe community for each member and how we are taking steps now to move it forward. You will also hear from a more diverse mix of voices sharing experiences and calls-to-action.

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