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Giving Matters: Kaitlyn Snyder '17




“My Marshall education was undoubtedly one of the most important contributors to my success in college. It was at Marshall that I learned how to problem solve and to think critically. It was where I learned to persevere and to ask questions. And it was where I learned to lead with empathy and gained the courage to advocate for myself.” Kaitlyn Snyder ’17

Giving Matters Kaitlyn Snyder

continued to use these skills at The Ohio State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in sociology with a minor in biology and a certificate in diversity, equity, and inclusion. During her last two years, she worked as a nursing assistant in the OhioHealth organization where she supported all levels of care at five different hospitals in the city and was often called to provide care on Covid-19 isolation units. She currently works at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Outpatient Care New Albany facility as a therapy said while she prepares to apply to PT programs to seek a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

“I know that Marshall teachers are a core reason why I continue to have such fondness for the school. They are passionate and kind, and they hold their students to high standards.” Lori Durant is one of the teachers Kaitlyn credits for her love of reading. “Ms. Durant often gave us the opportunity to choose the books we wanted to read and the ways in which we wanted to explore them. She challenged us to collaborate and to be creative; by encouraging us to take ownership of our efforts, she gave us a certain level of autonomy that resulted in work that we are still really proud of and that we continue to talk about today - like the Greek mythology tabloid project or the Phantom of the Opera diorama.”

Giving Matters CTA

Another teacher who held Kaitlyn to high expectations was Kari Greenan. “As much as she challenged us, Madame Greenan is a teacher who always made me feel so confident in my ability to succeed. She provided endless encouragement, and she consistently let me know that she recognized the effort I put into her class. Moreover, she was always interested in my life outside of school and was someone I felt I could confide in.”

Kaitlyn supports the Topper Teacher Fund with a monthly gift because she wants to support the teachers who helped shape who she is today. “As a Marshall student, I felt loved, encouraged, and challenged by my teachers, and I have no doubt that my fellow alumni have similar memories.

We will always be connected to the school and to the people who have made it such an impactful place, and I hope that other alumni will feel compelled to thank them by supporting the Fund.”

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