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Giving Matters: Anna (Smith) Weis '94



As both a parent of Marshall students and an alum, Anna Weis ’94 knows the impact that Marshall has on its students and the community. “My Marshall education was a wonderful blend of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and good study habits. I also had a positive experience with a sport, in my case nordic skiing, and was encouraged to pursue community service and to try clubs that interested me. When I look back as an adult, I see that I came through the middle and high school years as a happy person with a good sense of self-esteem. Certainly, school was only one piece of that puzzle, but I would absolutely say that my years at Marshall launched me smoothly into adulthood.”

Anna appreciates how small class sizes and flexible curriculum make it possible for teachers to know their students and meet their individual needs. “In the years [my children] have been at Marshall, the school work and other activities have always been exactly what they needed at each age and stage. I feel a sense of cohesion and of things building on each other in a way that guides the students.”

By making Marshall a philanthropic priority for her family, Anna knows she is not only contributing to educational excellence at Marshall, but also raising the bar for education across the region. “I have to give my husband credit in terms of our support of Marshall. Coming from a small town in Minnesota, he did get the good public education one expects from our state, but he can also see clearly how lucky Duluth is to have an independent private school option. I feel that Marshall’s existence pushes all the schools in our whole area to be better. In giving to Marshall, it is satisfying to be helping provide opportunities to a great bunch of current students and also to be providing that push and sense of possibility to the whole region.”

The Annual Fund for Marshall School is a critical financial resource that supports a range of discretionary and programmatic needs including unique hands-on learning experiences, field trips, and accessible scholarship funding. Gifts to the Annual Fund directly impact Marshall’s ability to offer a vibrant educational experience to our young learners. To make a gift today visit



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