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Issue 9





A subtle implication is nestled within the new Marshall tagline, “Here, you can thrive.” There is a challenge, a calling, an invitation to utilize all of the resources, supports, and inspiration offered to develop into one’s best self—a sense of personal responsibility to explore and push a little further.

The word thrive is a vigorous one, an action verb with an energy, purpose, and demand to take everything offered, with circumstances however they appear, and do something great.

In this issue of the Hilltopper, we examine how our community has risen to the challenge to develop well and prosper: beginning with a new Strategic Plan to set a course for continued excellence, honoring staff who helped students thrive for years, welcoming a new Enrollment Director to help Marshall grow, and recognizing Board Members who have made a commitment to nourish our blooming community.

In the following pages, witness resilience and adaptation; our community shines brighter as International Program students join us from their own countries across the world. Then, supplemented with unique strategies to support students throughout Marshall School, our incredible staff have created a recipe for a foundation that sets students on a lifelong path of successful learning and growth.

We’ll rewind time with an alum who grew with vigor in our frigid North, and traverse amongst the stories of nine brilliant alumni in the beloved Inspiration in Action series. Finally, an ending and an ask—to consider how your own legacy can spread seeds of Cathedral-Marshall far beyond yourself, far beyond the garden already cultivated, and into the world with limitless impact and possibility.

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