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We are excited to announce that the 2024 Fund-a-Need will support the upgrade of essential audio-visual equipment for Marshall's Fregeau Auditorium and Fine Arts Department.

Our auditorium serves as a central hub for various school events, including assemblies, presentations, performances, and community gatherings. Over the years, the demand for high-quality audio-visual experiences has grown significantly. Unfortunately, our current equipment is outdated and no longer meets the technological standards required for modern presentations and performances. Upgrading our audio-visual capabilities will greatly enhance the overall learning and cultural experience for our students and the broader school community.

There are several pieces of audio-visual equipment that need to be updated in this project. Priorities include:

  • New Stage Screen - Replacing our 60-year-old tattered screen with one that can be operated remotely. This screen is used multiple times a week for class meetings, presentations, and performances.
  • New Sound and Lighting Boards - Replacing our sound and light boards to meet current technology standards and enhance the visual and audio experience for the audience.
  • New Projector - Replacing our projector with one that communicates effectively with current technology, has high projection quality and can be used in new and creative ways for our concerts, theater productions, assemblies, and convocations.
  • New Camera and Microphones - Marshall is currently limited in its streaming capabilities and a new camera and microphones would equip us to expand our abilities. This equipment will allow for greater capabilities of streaming performances, ceremonies, and other important events with friends and family members who cannot attend in person. Recording performances also allows our music faculty to use the recordings to show students and work on improvement and growth.

We are thrilled to share this year's project with you, and invite you to join us in rallying around this impactful upgrade! 

Fund-a-Need is an essential annual Marshall tradition! Each year, this special event of financial support brings the entire Hilltopper community together to help address a specific need in our school. Because of past success, we have been able to introduce new programs, facilities, technology, and other improvements that further build and celebrate some of the most compelling and hopeful aspects of the Marshall experience. 

Fund-a-Need is celebrated at Marshall’s annual auction. This year it will take place on Saturday, March 16th at Clyde Iron Works. Tickets are available at Fund-a-Need gifts can be made during the event, or if you wish to make your gift in advance, please complete the form through the button above.