Financial Aid 2019

"Our need-based financial aid program is an important part of who we are at Marshall School - especially with a strong percentage of our families accessing this opportunity. It is rare when a family works through our admissions process and our financial aid opportunities don't match their needs. Typically 50% of our families are eligible for over $2 million dollars in need-based aid."
-Kevin Breen, Head of School


2019-2020 Marshall School Domestic Day Tuition

Grades 4-6: $18,300*
Grades 7-12: $19,980*

* Please take the time to read the information below on Marshall's need-based financial aid program. We know for many families the numbers above can land somewhere between intimidating to impossible. But for 50% of our community, there is an affordable tuition determined after our need-based financial aid program. This program truly works, otherwise hundreds of our students would not be able to attend our wonderful school.

For information about international student programs, click here.

Tuition Payment Plans
  • One payment (due June 20)
  • Two equal payments (includes an annual processing fee, due June 20/December 20)
  • Monthly payments (includes an annual processing fee)


Q: What is Marshall’s financial assistance philosophy?

A: We strive to provide financial aid to students and families who could not otherwise afford a Marshall Education. In 1972, Marshall’s founders committed to providing an affordable education so that Marshall would have the same socio-economic diversity as the city of Duluth, along with its predecessor school, Cathedral High School.

Q: Who is eligible to apply for financial assistance?

A: If the barrier keeping you from applying to Marshall is Financial Aid, we strongly encourage all families that believe they will need any level of support to afford a Marshall Education to apply. With our 2 million dollar financial aid budget, we have made it an institutional priority to provide access and create pathways to Marshall for every family. The official financial aid application can be found at School and Student Services (SSS) and will ask a variety of questions to help draw the best understanding of your financial situation. We also encourage you to speak with our Director of Enrollment to get a preliminary estimate of your financial aid status.

Q: Will I need to pay back my child’s financial assistance?

A: No. Financial aid is not a loan. Families do not have to pay the school back after graduation. A good portion of the funding used to provide financial assistance is generated through alumni contributions to the annual fund. That’s why many former financial assistance recipients donate to the school once they are gainfully employed. That’s independent schools way of “paying it forward”.

Q: Who will know that my child receives financial assistance?

A: Your family award is confidential and your child will have full access to every offering and all programming. A financial aid committee will meet to assign awards anonymously. The Enrollment Director and Business Office are the only entities with access to financial aid applications or award letters.

Q: Will my award disappear after one year?

A: We ask that you fill out the financial aid application each year. However, assuming your family’s financial circumstances do not change drastically, you will have a similar award each year.

Q: What GPA must my child maintain to receive future awards?

A: Our financial aid is need-based, not merit-based. Therefore, your child’s academic standing will not impact future financial aid awards.

Q: Does Marshall offer academic, athletic or arts scholarships?

A: No, our aid is strictly need-based. However, recent graduating classes have been offered an average of 6 million dollars in college scholarships.

Q: Are there options available to spread out my tuition payment throughout the year?

A: Yes, we offer monthly, twice yearly, and single lump sum tuition payment plans. Nominal fees and modestly priced tuition payment insurance apply to monthly and twice yearly plans.

Q: Are there discounts for enrolling multiple students?

A: If you have three or more children enrolled at Marshall at the same time you are eligible for Marshall's Multiple Student Discount.

Q: What if parents are separated or divorced?

A: We ask that each parent submit a separate Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through School and Student Services (SSS). However, we understand that each family has a unique situation, so we welcome a conversation with a member of our admissions team.

Q: When do I need to apply?

A: Most financial aid is awarded by the end of April. If you want to ensure your family is considered for priority financial aid, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Q: What if we have special circumstances that we want to share with the financial aid committee?

A: Any special financial concerns should be included in the notes section of the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). We recognize that each family situation is unique, and we welcome your questions. Please contact us to speak with a member of our admissions team. (218) 727-7266 or .

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Complete the confidential online application for financial aid through Schools and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) at

To make this process easier, have the following documents ready when you apply:

1040s from previous two years (first 2 pages)
W2s from previous two years

These documents will eventually be uploaded to the secure financial aid site provided by Schools and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) or for verification.

Annual applications for returning families are reviewed in early February followed by new, prospective families. Marshall's Financial Aid Committee, comprised of members from the admissions and academic departments, as well as the business office, finalize need-based financial aid offers and handle any appeals.

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