The Forest School at Marshall

Opening Fall 2022

The Forest School at Marshall


Principal Matthew Whittaker describes the guiding principles of The Forest School


The Forest School Guiding Principles 

What is a Forest School?

The Forest School is designed around frequent and regular sessions outdoors that supports the development of relationships between the student and the natural world.

The Forest School promotes the holistic development of all those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

The Forest School's brain-based curriculum best prepares students ages four through 4th grade for continued success in school.

How it Works

Organized in multi-grade learning pods, students will master core skills through activities designed to foster critical thinking and problem solving, team building, cooperation, communication, empathy, self esteem and inclusion.  

Approximately 40% of each day will be spent outside using Marshall's 40+ acre campus.


Brain-Based Curriculum

The Forest School incorporates a brain-based curriculum that will build foundations for success. 

Research demonstrates that the hands-on and nature-based activities of the Forest School increase young children's creativity, executive functioning skills, and learning behaviors. 

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Curiosity Creek

A core principle to our forest school pedagogy is learning through discovery. When students are surrounded by an environment that sparks wonder and curiosity they are naturally drawn to learn through discovery and exploring their curiosity. 

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How to Apply?

The Forest School is open to all area students ages four through 4th grade. To participate in the four-year-old program, the child's birthday must be before Labor Day.  Early application is encouraged, as space is limited! 

The admissions process includes

  • Completing an online application  
  • Visiting Marshall for a Play Session
  • Submitting a family questionnaire
  • Providing records from other schools or pre-school programs.


Timeline for January enrollment decisions:

Nov. 30 - Application and supplementary materials due. Play Sessions - Nov. 20 and Dec. 4
Dec. 10 - Priority Financial Aid Deadline
Mid-January - Contracts issued

A second round of enrollment decisions will begin in Mid-February.

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