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International Admissions

Welcome to Marshall School - we’re glad you are here. Marshall enrolls about 40 diploma-seeking international students in grades 7-12 each year. Students live in Marshall’s dormitory, Marshall House. Some students also live off-campus in school supervised housing. 

Marshall’s international population is diverse, representing over 10 countries on average, annually. International students at Marshall benefit from small class sizes, a safe and welcoming city, campus, and student community. Students have over 40 clubs and 20 athletic teams to choose from, and Marshall’s small size allows all to participate. 

Students also benefit from diverse course offerings, AP and online course partnerships, and a personalized college counseling process that provides focused support, test prep, and counseling throughout high school. Marshall has consistently been awarded ACT’s Red Quill award for outstanding student preparation, and is a testing location for the ACT and SAT throughout the year. 

We invite you to learn more, or start the application process by inquiring today.

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Here, you belong.

Since 2006 more than 200 students from nearly 44 countries have made Marshall their choice for a program that positions students for acceptance at America's top colleges and universities. We have earned a reputation for excelling both at academics and providing a home-like experience for international students.

For these reasons and more, Marshall School is the right choice for international students seeking an American education.


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A Look Inside...
Marshall House Field Trips

Students spent part of their weekend learning about the history and importance of dog sledding in our local indigenous communities and then got to give it a try! 

Birthday Celebration

A look inside...
Life at Marshall House

We celebrate each and every student birthday at Marshall House and it never fails to be an uplifting event for all.