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Independent Schools

What makes independent schools independent

Independent schools are independent in:

  • Philosophies
  • Finances
  • Governance

An independent school's educational philosophy is centered around the school's mission.

At Marshall School our mission is to educate students to become global citizens who demonstrate strong academic habits, respect, compassion, integrity, self-discipline, and intellectual curiosity.

Independent school's do not receive state or federal funding. They are primarily financed through tuition and charitable contributions to the school.

Independent schools are governed by a Board of Trustees and are accredited by regional accrediting bodies. 

What makes independent schools special?

Independent schools have the ability to be flexible and adaptable to their school's needs. They are not required to evaluate students by standardized tests. This gives teachers more freedom in the classroom to creatively make changes to lessons as they meet the needs of their students.

Being an Independent School Marshall is able to focus on a mission centric curriculum. This fosters an environment of student choice, where students are collaborators in their own educational journey.