Choose Marshall

At Marshall School, we know that every student starts from a unique place.  What success looks like for each student will be a little different.  Our job is to guide them along their journey as they grow, explore, and change. We believe the process is as important as the product, and that how you learn is as important as what you learn. Our students are active participants in their education.  

Marshall is where courage, experience, purpose, risk, curiosity, innovation, challenge, and community are celebrated.

"I really appreciate the small class sizes and focused attention he gets throughout the school day.  He has been challenged academically in a way he hadn't been at other schools.  I know he has made some good connections, and I have no doubt he has made lifelong friends.  And this kid is super proud to be a Hilltopper!"

-Stephanie, parent

"Education, community, and connection to the outdoors are important values in our family.  When our kids got to a certain point in their schooling, we wanted a partner to keep those values front and center in their lives.  Marshall has been that partner for us."

-Marty, parent 

"Marshall makes me feel like a scientist, a mathematician, and I can speak different languages."

-Charlie, Middle School Student

"The fact that we actually have art is different from my old school.  And then we have art all over the place here - painting, drawing, sculpture, everything."

-Gabi, Student

My son's Marshall experience was more than we could have dreamed of when we started the commitment in 6th grade: from playing in the state baseball championship and being invited to the World Robotics First Competition, to playing cello for seven years in the orchestra and all the support he recieved in his STEM and core classes.  He is now thriving at Marshall and we owe so much of that to the whole experience at Marshall School."

-Molly, parent