I am thrilled that you are considering an independent school education at Marshall School. There are many school options in the Twin Ports area, but I believe that the opportunities at Marshall are unparalleled.

As an independent school graduate myself, I benefited from a myriad of unique experiences that accelerated personal growth. I matured with concerted mentorship and character development, became more intellectually curious, and learned and applied self-advocacy skills. I found this same environment at Marshall.

Today, my independent school peers are bold entrepreneurs, compassionate doctors, innovative engineers, lifelong learners, contributing global citizens, and rising leaders in our complex world. An independent school education is an investment that will return lifelong dividends.

Whether your child is currently learning long division, starting to consider post-secondary options, or something in between,  if you are reading this, you value and prioritize your child’s education. At Marshall, your student will be surrounded by mentors who will allow them the individual freedom and security to take risks, make mistakes and have the resiliency to keep moving forward. You will have the joy of watching your student blossom into a courageous senior well equipped with the necessary tools and ambitions to become tomorrow’s leaders.

I encourage you to take a closer look at Marshall. Explore our website and come visit our campus. You will be impressed by what you find and the people you meet along the way. I'm happy to answer questions along the way and help you through the enrollment process.

I hope to see you soon,

Amanda Boulier
Director of Enrollment