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Scholars Pathway Program

Marshall School aims to provide learning experiences for students that bring together opportunities for innovation, curiosity, and exploration, and to empower students to be future leaders in the world of STEM.

Our STEM Scholars Pathway Program places a strong emphasis on developing students’ abilities to solve problems, communicate effectively, think curiously and creatively, become engaged and ethical citizens, and develop agency and resiliency. Through experiences that foster a passion for discovery, students are equipped with the skills necessary to engage in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. 

The Pathway Program allows participants to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of complex subject matter

  • Apply knowledge and skills to challenging projects

  • Learn how to find, investigate, and solve a new problem, or answer a previously unsolved question

  • Participate in school and community-based learning and events

  • Share their learning with others


Program Details

Eligible Candidates

  • Students apply for the STEM Scholars Pathway Program in spring of their sophomore or junior year.

  • Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible.

  • Students work with one teacher as their STEM advisor to refine goals, projects, and activities.

Enhanced Curricular Requirements

In addition to Marshall’s regular required course of study, students participating in the STEM Scholars Pathway Program complete the following:

  • Focused elective credits:

    • One elective credit in advanced (AP/CITS/PSEO) science.

    • One elective credit in advanced (AP/CITS/PSEO) math.

    • One elective that incorporates engineering, technology, or advanced computer science principles and applications. 

    • One additional STEM-focused iTerm or elective course.

    • Elective courses require prior approval and can be taken at Marshall School, online through Global Online Academy (GOA), or through an approved PSEO program. 

  • A formative STEM experience demonstrating mastery of complex subject matter and application of knowledge to a challenging project, such as:

    • Participate in the Independent Research program

    • Participate in the MN Department of Education Scholars of Distinction Program

    • Provide mentorship in a STEM-focused activity in the Forest School or Middle School

    • Participate in an opportunity listed on the Minnesota Academy of Science STEM Programs for Students webpage

    • Propose and be approved to teach (with the help of a mentor/co-teacher) a STEM-related iTerm course

    • Complete an approved Senior Project that aligns with the STEM Scholars program experiences outlined above and with prior approval

    • Propose and be approved to complete an activity that is a formative STEM experience

  • Participation in at least 10 hours of community-based STEM learning, examples include:

    • Attend a STEM-focused lecture at a college or university

    • Visit a science museum

    • Provide tutoring for STEM-based subjects at a local school

    • Participate in a STEM competition, league, challenge, or symposium

    • Complete an internship with a STEM-based organization

    • Volunteer at STARBASE

    • Advocate for legislative change for a STEM-focused issue

    • Participate in a STEM-focused co-curricular activity

    • Participation in a project, camp, or organization focused on STEM learning

    • Mentor a STEM-related co-curricular program, such as Robotics, Math League, etc.
    • Demonstrate/host a STEM-based activity at an admissions event 
  • Participation in a senior year forum to share learning, such as:

    • Presentation of research or special project

    • Host a forum on a STEM-related topic

    • Propose an original idea for sharing learning to an audience

Program Completion

Upon successful completion of the enhanced curricular requirements, participants earn special recognition as a STEM Scholar both at graduation and on their official Marshall School transcript. Students participating in the program gain designation on their transcript upon admission to the program. 

Opportunities and Benefits

Students enrolled in the program are given priority enrollment in STEM-related coursework at Marshall School. In addition to pursuing academic requirements, STEM Scholars will have opportunities to participate in special events, such as field trips, guest speakers, and other related activities. The cohort of students will be responsible for supporting and engaging each other in the process of earning the STEM Scholars designation.