Middle School

Marshall’s Middle School lays the foundation for developing and nurturing Marshall's core values: strong academic habits, respect, compassion, integrity, self-discipline and intellectual curiosity. Early on, students are encouraged to be confident and independent thinkers by teachers whose energy and caring enrich the school. Small class sizes permit active participation, feedback, and engagement in a vigorous curriculum. Teachers and curriculum are flexible, setting challenging but attainable goals for each individual learner, while the exploration of unique interests and talents is encouraged.

At a Glance

Fast Facts

  • Class Sizes range from 12 to 22
  • Daily Advisory, great personal attention, and mentorship
  • Art and music for all students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades
  • Choir starts in 4th grade, strings in 5th, and band in 6th
  • Daily language classes
  • Daily physical education class
  • Robotics and STEM opportunities
  • Extensive student support, dedicated additional support staff and space, teachers who really know each student


The Marshall Academic Commons (MAC) serve all students as place for enrichment, support, and remediation. Staffed by learning specialists and teaching faculty who represent the range of content areas, the MAC is a space where students can work 1:1 with a teacher, in collaboration with other students, or independently. Students use the MAC to receive help from learning specialists or tutors in specific subjects, general study and organizational skills. Through direct instruction and coaching, MAC staff utilize a compassionate and strengths-based approach to help students come to a greater understanding of how they learn best. With this awareness, or metacognition, students at Marshall are better equipped to realize their potential and meet their academic goals. The learning specialists can also make tutoring referrals (both peer and professional), conduct initial screenings for learning difficulties, and provide support for students with learning differences.

What Students Say

"We have freedom and responsibility, which we didn't have at my other school.  We have longer gym and recess, and I actually think homework is fun."
-Benson, 5th Grade

"There is so much more to do here, like plays and art and more. We are having so much more fun learning, but we are still learning all the time."
-Areeb, 4th Grade

"Marshall has helped me be more confident. I know I can talk in front of my class and even make mistakes and they won't laugh or make fun of me. We all give each other respect.  We listen to each other and support each other.
-Eva, 7th Grade

I like that I can be myself here every single day.  I don't have to be something I am not."
-Veronica, 6th Grade

Meet our Teachers

"What we do better than anyone is giving students a taste of the skills and habits they'll need to be successful in high school, while at the same time building their personal voice, teaching them how to take risks, and learning and handling their strengths and weaknesses.  This way, in high school, they can really immerse themselves in what they are passionate about. They have a better chance of knowing themselves and being comfortable and confident showing it." -Matt Whittaker, Assistant Principal


"We are unique in the number of daily experiences our students have at Marshall - from gym to band to strings to languages. But the biggest reason I want my young children to go to Marshall when they are old enough is because, even in 4th grade, they are connected with peers and teachers who model what it means to really be in to learning. Even at that age they provide a vision for what it takes to be successful in college." -Stephanie Kiero, Middle School Math Teacher