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Fun Learning for All

iTerm, short for Interim Term, occurs in January after students return from their long holiday break.

Over a two-week period, faculty have the opportunity to diverge from teaching traditional subjects, and instead offer courses in their own personal passions and unique interests. Past classes have included exciting deviations such as knitting, canoe-building, small engine repair, the science of coffee, board game design, yoga, and more!

iTerm offers students a flexible, assessment-free, mixed grade-level environment focused on the innovative development of skills, knowledge, and habits that encourage lifelong learning. Students acquire these through deep engagement, supported risk-taking, student-driven inquiry, and a whole lot of fun.

iTerm at Marshall School - Canoe Building
iTerm at Marshall School - Mural Making
iTerm at Marshall School - Unicycle
iTerm at Marshall School - Winter Shelter
iTerm at Marshall - Winter Survival
iTerm at Marshall - Pottery
iTerm at Marshall - Decoding
iTerm at Marshall - Knitting
iTerm at Marshall School - Minecraft & Harry Potter
iTerm at Marshall - Plate Spinning
iTerm at Marshall School - Dog sledding

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