International Program

Marshall’s commitment to educate students to become global citizens is demonstrated through multiple programs and initiatives that seek to enrich and impact the daily lives and long-term aspirations of Hilltoppers.

The school’s international program enrolls over 30 diploma-seeking students annually from diverse countries around the world who add a global perspective to classroom discussions and allow friendship and respect to blossom across cultures. International students live in Marshall's on-campus residence hall, which seeks to provide a gold standard of care and support for student residents, as well as intercultural programming and events for the broader Marshall community.

Short-term visits and classroom connections with students enrolled in partner schools around the world add excitement every year to student life and learning in both the middle and upper schools. Marshall currently has active school partners in Germany, France, Russia, Sweden, Colombia, Vietnam, Saipan, and Turkey.

Additionally, international faculty exchanges provide opportunities for Marshall faculty to share best practices and ideas with international colleagues, benefitting students in classrooms around the world.

International Program Highlights

Starting in fall 2016, Marshall now offers students on-campus living for the first time in the program's history. The 28 bed facility will include single and double rooms, a kitchen, multiple quiet and comfortable spaces for students to study, an enclosed courtyard and garden, and a Global Learning Center.

Marshall sponsors several short-term visits from students attending partner schools around the world each year. 2015 saw visits from the Liebfrauschule in Germany, St. George's School in Bogota, Columbia and ICLS in Hanoi, Vietnam. The school will welcome students from Normandy, France, Petrozavodsk, Russia, and Istanbul, Turkey in 2016-17.