College Counseling

Marshall’s college counseling program is designed to provide students and their families with a comprehensive process for exploring post-secondary options. The goal of our college guidance process is to assist students in finding colleges that best fit their needs and interests.

College Representative?
Please contact our College Counseling team directly to schedule a virtual or in-person visit*.

College Counseling
Darcy McAuliffe
218.727.7266 x 131 |

*Masks are required for on-campus visits. 

The Approach

Marshall’s director of college counseling meets individually with students to identify personal, academic, and co-curricular strengths and interests. The director also reviews student achievements and long-term goals for college and beyond when crafting each students college search process. Active advising by the director encompasses understanding selectivity of colleges, researching colleges, guiding standardized testing, helping plan visits to college campuses, completing college applications, crafting and revising college and scholarship essays, coordinating letters of recommendation, writing a personal recommendation for each student, guiding the process for applying for need-based and merit aid, which all leads to students choosing the campus that best fits them.




Marshall has a strong reputation among colleges and universities throughout the United States. Representatives from numerous colleges and universities personally visit with our students annually to provide information about their respective schools. Recent graduating classes have averaged earning over $10 million dollars in scholarships to help pay for their college educations.