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At Marshall, students are encouraged to embrace their natural curiosity and wonder about the world. We believe the process is as important as the product, and that how you learn is as important as what you learn.  

Grade Divisions at Marshall

Forest School K-4

Middle School 5-8

Upper School 9-12


Because Marshall is an independent school, students are engaged in academics that educate beyond standardized tests and state or national mandated curriculum. 

What is an independent school?



The Marshall Difference

Lego Lesson

A Look Inside
Marshall's Curriculum

Students in World History dive into exploring the Medieval era. Students get creative as they build and design their own Medieval castle to stand the test of time. 

Apple Pressing

A Look Inside...
Marshall's Curriculum

"Apple Week" is a favorite for students and teachers as apple-themed topics are integrated in each of their classrooms. Each year is slightly different but often include students pressing apples into cider with a hand-operated press, creating apple art, testing apples for sugar content, graphing apples on a coordinate plane, learning apple history, and taste testing seven apple varieties.