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At Marshall School, students are encouraged to embrace their own unique wonder and curiosity. Our teachers know their students, adapt accordingly, and help develop a solid foundation for lifelong growth and learning. Classes are taught by top-notch faculty in all areas of traditional academic subject matter, but with the freedom and flexibility provided by being an independent school. Here, a safe and welcoming campus and community also provides a secure environment for learners to try new things, get involved, and build meaningful relationships.

Female teacher looking into a microscope with female student smiling while watching.

We came here for the quality education and smaller class sizes, and found a nurturing environment where our child can grow intellectually and emotionally.



Man points at a book to help a young boy read.

A Place to Grow

At Marshall, students develop strong academic habits, learn to trust their own intellectual curiosity, and are taught the tools to build a foundation for the pursuit of lifelong learning. From kindergarten in the Forest School through graduation from the Upper School, learners are given opportunities to cultivate their gifts, develop a passion for knowledge, and discover a path toward lifelong growth, success, engagement, collaboration, and contribution.

Here, you can thrive.


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Grade Divisions

K-4 Forest School

5-8 Middle School

9-12 Upper School

My son's Marshall experience was more than we could have dreamed of when we started the commitment in 6th grade. From playing in the State Baseball Championship at Target Field, to the TopperBots' World Robotics Competition, playing cello in orchestra for seven years, and all of the support he received in STEM and core classes---he is now thriving at Michigan Technological University, and we owe so much of that to the whole team at Marshall School.



The Marshall Difference