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Head of School

Welcome to Marshall School, home to the Hilltoppers and a secret gem of the North. This year we are excited to announce our new mission statement: 


We view education as a journey of discovery.  Our role as educators is to spark the desire of our students to be curious, to ask questions, to see the world through different lenses.  There is nothing greater than being part of a student’s life as they discover who they are and who they want to become. Although their time at Marshall is just one small step in becoming an amazing human being, we provide our students lifelong memories that will be anchor points to guide them throughout their lives.

Part of life’s lessons is the idea of embracing challenges. Learners gain so much when they struggle with an idea, a task or a situation.  Our role as educators is not to make the problems go away for our students but to help them adapt and figure out a way to overcome them.  True grit builds character and is a vital ingredient to becoming a successful  member of society.  There will be times when our students will fail at things they encounter.  By teaching students to learn from such failures, we help build success in life.

Finally, we hope to inspire our students to create positive change in their lives and the lives of others.  There are many ways to look at positive change. Internally how do I create a positive change in my life?  Do I wake up feeling good about myself and others?  Do I complete small tasks that help others without being asked?  We hope our students expand their perspective of positive change not only with words but with action and deeds.  We help our students to see the world with a lens of compassion and endless possibilities. We want them to lead with kindness as they work with others.  Having that mindset leads one to create situations that not only benefit ourselves but others.

Relationships are the glue that holds our mission statement together. Human beings are social creatures that rely on positive relationships. The people that work at Marshall are our greatest asset.  From teachers to custodial staff, we all pull together to create an extraordinary learning environment for our students. We hope that with Marshall as part of our students’ journey they will make lifelong friends who will support them after they graduate.



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