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Mission Statement


Positive Impact

At the heart of Marshall School’s educational philosophy is the understanding that a student’s educational journey ​​is the starting place of a lifelong ripple effect. At Marshall, students are encouraged to discover their own unique path in life.

During their time at Marshall students explore their intellectual curiosity, develop strong academic habits, and understand what it means to become a global citizen. Marshall seeks to educate the whole self so that each student who walks through the halls at Marshall will have a positive outward ripple effect on the world. 


Statement of Community

The Marshall School Community  accepts the responsibility for the SAFETY, INCLUSION, & WELL-BEING of ALL members. We nurture and protect an environment that is AFFIRMING and EMPOWERING of individual voices, life experiences, and perspectives. We commit to LEARNING and GROWING through our daily actions & interactions. We seek always to VALUE, RESPECT and UPLIFT  those around us. 

Core Values

History of Marshall School

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Marshall School is the Twin Ports flagship independent school and has served the Duluth area for more than a century. Founded in 1904 as Cathedral Senior High School, Marshall has adapted with Duluth as the educational needs of the community changed. The foundation of providing the highest-quality, college-preparatory educational experience to students in the area has always remained a part of the school's history.

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