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Logo, Mark, seal and School Identity Usage Guidelines

All marketing materials are a representation of Marshall School and its brand. Your assistance in maintaining this brand identity is crucial. The logos, stand alone marks, school seal and our name instantly identify a communication or material as from, or of, Marshall School. The thoughtful use of the logos, stand alone marks, school seal and our name preserves and strengthens the integrity of the School’s image and reputation. The logos, stand alone marks, school seal and name, and what they appear upon, should always be consistent with the mission and image of Marshall School.

Marshall School faculty, staff, students, parents, academic departments, athletics, athletic boosters, parent organizations and committees, administrative divisions/departments, alumni organizations, informal groups and student organizations may use the Marshall logos, school seal and stand alone marks for non-commercial communications directly related to the programs and activities of the School.

Other users may be considered on a case-by-case basis, and should be approved in advance by contacting the Development Department, 727-7266 ext. 110 or ageissler@marshallschool.org.

When using the Marshall logo/marks:

  • Please review the Branding Guidelines below. These guidelines were developed to provide direction on the appropriate use of Marshall’s logos, seal, stand alone marks, fonts and color palette. The logos, school seal and stand alone marks appearing in the Marshall Branding Guidelines are the only ones approved for use.
  • The logos, school seal, and stand alone marks must be high resolution and not be overprinted, manipulated, or distorted. Such alterations would damage the logo/seal/mark's visual integrity and effectiveness. If you need to reduce or enlarge the logo/seal/marks, please do so proportionately, as needed, but never reduce it beyond legibility or distort it by stretching, squeezing or reshaping it. When resizing the logo/seal/marks you must maintain the proportions (width and height should be reduced by the same percentage). 
  • Under the Branding Guidelines, you will find high res (300 dpi) jpeg logos, the school seal and stand alone marks available to download.  If you need a logo, the seal or the stand alone marks in a different format, please contact the Development Department, 727-7266 ext. 110 or ageissler@marshallschool.org.

Marshall School Administration reserves the right to deny any project that fails to comply with any aspect of the Branding Guidelines.


Branding Guidelines

Color Usage Requirements




CMYK:  0, 27, 100, 0
RGB: 254, 190, 16
HEX: #ffcb00


CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100
RGB: 0, 0, 0
HEX:  #000000



Typefaces – Print and Web

Berthold Baskerville Regular


Alternative print and web-friendly font: 

Berthold Baskerville Regular is the font used in the Marshall word mark and seal. It can also be used for body copy and long passages of text in print. Its serifs make it easy to read at smaller sizes. 

Gotham Bold


Alternative print and web-friendly font:

Gotham Bold is the font used for the Latin motto and Hilltoppers logo, as well as titles, headlines, and short statements. It works well when set in all caps with generous letter spacing. 

Gotham Book


Alternative print and web-friendly font:

Gotham Book is a secondary font that could be used for short paragraphs of body copy or short statements that need to be emphasized in body copy. 


Marshall Logos, Stand Alone Marks and Seal

To download a high resolution image of the logo, you must click on the "Download logo" link or click on the logo itself.  The logo will open in a new browser window.  Once it is open, right-click on the image and select "save as". 

Do not right click on the image appearing on this page and select "save as", the image will be a low resolution version and will not print well. 

 main Logo
Download logo
Download logo
Download logo

Secondary Logo
  Download logo 
   Download logo
   Download logo

Stand Alone Marks
Download mark
Download mark
Download mark


school seal
Download seal
Download seal
Download seal

Old logos and marks

Please do not use any of the old Marshall School logos and marks.

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