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Marshall Strategic Plan

Adopted by Board of Trustees on May 25, 2011


An Outstanding Educational Program

Long before post-secondary education was considered necessary for personal and professional success, Marshall prepared its students for college. The best possible preparation for college remains the bedrock of the school’s mission today. However, the competition for places in highly selective schools in the Midwest and throughout the US has never been tougher. To meet those demands, Marshall must continue to employ the best educational practices from Minnesota and throughout the world and tailor an innovative educational program to best meet the needs of our students.

To achieve this vision ...

  1. Articulated Curriculum
    The administration and faculty will articulate a clear philosophy for learning and align our curriculum to match its goals.  
  1. Academic Excellence
    Marshall faculty will develop a cohesive academic program designed to inspire and challenge each student to reach their maximum potential.
  1. Innovative Programming
    The administration and faculty will innovate and differentiate our programs to prepare students for a dynamic, collaborative, and technology-rich world.
  1. Professional Support
    The Marshall faculty will be given the administrative support, encouragement and resources necessary to develop innovative and creative curriculum and provide an outstanding liberal arts program for our students.
  1. Professional Excellence
    The Marshall administration, faculty, and staff will challenge themselves to reach the highest performance standards.

Character and Community

As an independent school, Marshall believes strongly in the importance of self-awareness and character development in our students’ personal and intellectual growth. As we nurture their intellectual, physical, and emotional development, values become the value-added part of a Marshall experience.  Growth is reinforced when we extend our classrooms beyond our campus and provide meaningful opportunities for service learning, artistic expression, and athletic participation.

To achieve this vision …

  1. Philosophy
    Marshall will clearly articulate a philosophy that is consistent with the school’s mission.
  1. Character
    Our students will develop a deep sense of self-awareness and self-discipline and will model respectful behavior with each other and those within the wider community.
  1. Co-Curriculars and Athletics
    Our students will develop in the body, mind, and spirit through participation in a healthy mix of co-curricular and athletic programs.  
  1. Experiential Learning
    Our students will learn about themselves and the world around them through meaningful extensions of the academic program.
  1. Leadership and Service Learning
    Our students will develop leadership skills, serve others, and understand the value of collaboration and teamwork.

Global Citizenship

At the heart of the Marshall mission is the goal to educate students to become global citizens.  To prepare students for a global century, the entire Marshall community must embrace a diverse present and prepare for an interdependent future. Within this context, an environment that values difference will promote deeper understanding and learning. Through their experiences at Marshall, students will learn to see themselves as responsible and empathetic citizens in a complex and highly diverse global community.

To achieve this vision ...   

  1. Global Vision
    The school will develop a clear definition of global citizenship and the Marshall curriculum will deliberately promote that vision.
  1. Global Perspectives and Skills
    The school will develop programming that gives students the perspectives and skills necessary to participate in a global society.
  1. Local and Global Connections
    The school will pursue connections with other organizations in Duluth, the nation and the world to promote opportunities for our students.
  1. Excellence through Diversity
    The school will promote diversity within its student body, faculty, administration and trustees, as well as programs to support integration within our community.

Financial Stewardship and Data-Driven Planning

As an independent school, Marshall is committed to providing the best possible educational value for our families. Marshall’s revenue depends on enrollment, tuition and non-tuition income, philanthropy, and endowment.  The school is committed to finding the appropriate balance within these areas to ensure the school remains affordable while continuing to offer the best college preparation in the region. The administrative team and board of trustees will use appropriate data to provide oversight and measure progress within key areas of the program and find ways to share appropriate information with its constituents.

To achieve this vision ...   

  1. Sustainable Business Modeling Tools
    The school will develop comprehensive business models that maximize flexibility.
  1. Admissions: Creating and Marketing Value
    The school will appropriately position itself in the Duluth-area market in order to maintain sustainable enrollment.
  1. Diversified Revenue
    The school will diversify its philanthropy and revenue streams to relieve pressure on tuition.
  1. Markers of Success
    The school will develop measurements of success across key elements of the program and improve communication about the school’s strength within the community.

Appropriate Facilities and Resources for the Future

While Marshall’s greatest resource is its personnel, the school’s facilities and infrastructure must be of a quality that supports the mission. Resources must support current educational needs, and plans should be developed so that our facilities and infrastructure can meet future program goals as well.

To achieve this vision ...

  1. Planned Maintenance
    The school will create a maintenance plan to serve as a guide for short-term facilities development, use, and updates.
  1. Facilities Master Plan
    The school will develop a long-term facilities plan to help enable excellence across our academic and co-curricular programs.
  1. Campaign for Excellence
    The school will conduct a campaign to raise the profile of Marshall’s programs, provide the financial means necessary to grow the school’s endowment, and keep the school at the forefront of science and technology education in the region. 

Support Excellence
at Marshall.

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