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5th Graders at Hawk Ridge
10/16/2014 1:59 PM

Marshall 5th-graders visited Hawk Ridge this week to get a close up look at the wildlife they're studying. According to teacher Mr. Friese, the students are working on raptor reports that they will start presenting next week.


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A Fun-filled Tour of the LoLa Farm!
09/29/2014 4:51 PM


The first Beyond the Blackboard event took place on Saturday, September 27th, with a fun and insightful look into the Locally Laid Egg Company and farm!! Head Clucker and co-owner Jason Amundsen led the large group on a tour that looked at everything from a manure-spreader to an egg-sorter, and of course, all the hens!

Every one of the almost-2,000 hens is named LoLa, and the kids on the tour loved holding them! It could be quite a challenge to get a hand around one of the chickens, but after you got them all tucked under your arm like a football, the kids said it got much easier.

Next month's Beyond the Blackboard event will take place on October 25th, and space is limited! Look out for more information for the Painting Pub led by Upper School Art Teacher Lucas Anderson to reserve your spot for this exciting and artistic night!

Leadership Retreat
10/16/2014 2:29 PM

Marshall student leaders congregated in the Fregeau Auditorium in early October for a Leadership Retreat.

Students from the Head’s Council, Student Council, Honor Code, and Captain’s Council were invited to participate. The retreat focused on challenging these student-leaders to step outside their comfort zones in order to better facilitate change and opportunities every day at Marshall. The group participated in trust-building exercises, gave speeches, and worked together to overcome challenging obstacles.

“I learned what it truly means to be leader,” said Riki Lundquist, captain of the girls’ tennis team. “I learned to be creative, rather than destroying what could potentially be something great. I learned how to work well with my peers, and I learned some of the best communication skills I've ever encountered.”

The Leadership Retreat focused on building the students’ leadership and communication skills, as well as encouraging these Hilltoppers to set goals for personal growth. Most importantly, the experience challenged them.

“The retreat helped teach the Marshall community the importance of working together and what it means to be a captain, a leader in student government, or an academic leader,” said Lundquist. “I think the skills that we all developed at the forum will make Marshall much stronger in the future.”

Lundquist encountered a personal challenge when she was asked to fall backward off a ladder into a waiting group of students below. The trust exercise - a literal leap of faith - not only challenged Lundquist’s trust in her peers, but also brought her face-to-face with her greatest fear.

“I am deathly afraid of heights,” said Lundquist. “One of the nights at the retreat we gathered together and each received a wooden board. We wrote our biggest fear on the front and we wrote what we would gain if we broke that fear. It was a very emotional experience, but it brought me closer to the Marshall community than I ever have been. When we presented our fear to the group, we broke the board in half.”

In addition to trust falls and speeches, the students participated in a roundtable to discuss how they could improve the leadership groups on campus. The students intend to directly apply their retreat experiences to their day-to-day lives at Marshall.

I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences of my life,” said Lundquist. “It taught me many valuable life lessons and it brought me closer to my Marshall community than I ever have been.”







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