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Sports Updates from 9/12
09/15/2014 1:00 AM

Students gathered in the parking lot last Friday for a successful and delicious tailgating experience before the 4 o'clock football game. Led by seniors and juniors, the cookout was open to all students.

The band took to the stands, bulking up the fan section and adding energy to the crowd with their songs. 

The above photo is Jeremy Stephan running for a touchdown.

9/12 Final Scores:

Football: Lost 14-12 against Eveleth-Gilbert
Girls Soccer: Lost 6-0 against St. Paul Academy


Check out these photos submitted by parent Kris Shimmin from last week's Cross Country meet! Thanks Kris!

Parent Tech Blog
Alumni-Owned Sandwich Shop "Toasty's" Opens on 9th Street
09/15/2014 3:36 PM

Among all the new restaurants and businesses opening this year is a fun (alumni-owned) sandwich shop on the corner of 11th Avenue East and 9th Street! For many, the spot is best remembered as the location of 8th Street Video on 9th Street, which closed several years ago.

Serving a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, Toasty's had a successful grand opening earlier this month, and is now open everyday from 11 AM to 9 PM. The restaurant serves sandwiches of all kinds made with Third Street Bakery bread and Wisconsin cheese, and they can be accompanied by a glass of beer (Bent Paddle, anyone?) or wine as well.

Tom Hagen '99 and his wife Rachael opened Toasty's so that people would have a high-quality yet affordable place to come eat. Their offerings include mostly local, natural, and organic ingredients, all combining into sandwiches that can run the gamut from peanut butter and banana to gluten- and dairy-free, with everything in between. With Tom and Rachael's combined 25 years of restaurant experience, Toasty's is sure to be a hit! 
Welcome and Introductions
09/10/2014 1:00 AM

I am thinking of a much-used metaphor and the wisdom of a great philosopher colliding as we welcome you to the new look of our website's front page and introduce our newly-designed Marshall Media Team.

The metaphor fits both with our refreshed front page and the upcoming work of the Marshall Media Team. The long-time wisdom of the revered philosopher will encompass what that team is going to attempt to do in capturing our news, features, images, stories and amazing stuff that happens here at Marshall School.

Let's start with the metaphor … building airplanes in the sky. If you were around for the Super Bowl in 2000 (and to quickly put that date into perspective, our current 8th graders were very much not around to watch that game) you may remember the EDS "Airplanes in the Sky" commercial. Regarded as one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all-time, a Minnesota ad agency was able to take the metaphor literally to talk about what EDS does in their work.

Not to say that we are doing the same work as EDS, a global information technology firm, but even at Marshall School the work doesn't stop so that we can build a brand new front page. And the work of building incredible experiences for our students is WAY more important than building a new front page.

With that in mind, we've refreshed our front page to include quicker access to the stories happening at Marshall School. Check out our Facebook and Twitter updates to the far left for sports scores, Topper Trivia, and both #TopperPride and #TopperStrong updates. Continue following the Parent Pass Blog in the middle for all those great images and updates. The Alumni Blog sits just below the Parent Pass Blog with all the information and connectivity for graduates of both Cathedral and Marshall. Tune in here to the AdMissions blog for longer feature stories from within the Marshall community.

All of this good stuff, right here on the front page. And all of it evolving and continuing to be built, just like that airplane in the sky.

The team leading the building and flying of our airplane is the Marshall Media Team. It includes Melissa Hodge, Kim Kosmatka, Tony Lockhart, Kevin Snyder, Heather Fishel and, well, me. We will also have others from within our hallways contribute. Melissa is our Director of Alumni Relations, so she has a strong focus on all the folks who have graduated from this great place. Kim is our phenomenal photographer, who catches most of the images you see here. Kim has also done the truly heroic work of building the Parent Pass Blog. We'll be evolving the PPB into a team effort so that Kim doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting alone. Tony is our tech guru, Kevin leads athletics and Heather is deeply connected to the day-to-day doings of our students. We'll be introducing our interns as they come on board, as well as involving more Marshall students in the mix.

This way we can do the best job possible of moving Marshall scores, stories, and images, and making them accessible to all those Topper fans just dying to hear about all things Marshall-related, as soon as they happen. Or something like that.

We still won't get to everything and we still won't get to everything fast enough. That is simply how great, cool, amazing, awesome, etc., the Marshall community continues to become.

That brings us to the endless wisdom of that great philosopher from the early 80s … the 1980s, that is. It was Ferris Bueller who so eloquently said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it."

Life at Marshall does move pretty fast (again, the airplane), but we are trying to stop and look around at it so you don't miss it.

But here is the trick … you can help us not miss it.

The photo from last night's big soccer game at East was submitted by Jordan Fralich '15. We have gotten great in-game score updates from current parent Brad Mackinaw. Photos from dedicated fans have come in from far-away events where Marshall students are giving it their all. Let's open up that avenue even more!

Got a great photo? Send it to our Marshall Media Team. Want to jump in on social media and get us a score or news update? Tweet us @duluthmarshall or tag "Marshall Hilltoppers" on Facebook, and add #TopperPride to share your news with the school! Have an upcoming news item, story idea or fun thought we might want to know about? Shoot us an e-mail at or to any of the team members you know.

We want you to help the Marshall Media Team with the goal of sharing, spreading and smiling about the great things happening in the Marshall community.

That is an airplane worth building while it is flying, and our community certainly gives us reasons to stop and look around as much as we can … because we don't want to miss a thing.







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