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Sports Round-up: Volleyball and Boys Soccer
10/01/2014 9:51 AM
Above: Fan section at the Girls Varsity Volleyball game, which was beach themed! The girls beat the Ely Timberwolves 3-0.
Below: Parent Sue Van Oss sent in this great picture of the Girls Volleyball C-Team, which beat Ely 2-0. Congratulations Toppers!
Below: The following two pictures are of Boys Varsity Soccer, which defeated Proctor 3-1 in last night's game! #Toppers
Parent Tech Blog
A Fun-filled Tour of the LoLa Farm!
09/29/2014 4:51 PM


The first Beyond the Blackboard event took place on Saturday, September 27th, with a fun and insightful look into the Locally Laid Egg Company and farm!! Head Clucker and co-owner Jason Amundsen led the large group on a tour that looked at everything from a manure-spreader to an egg-sorter, and of course, all the hens!

Every one of the almost-2,000 hens is named LoLa, and the kids on the tour loved holding them! It could be quite a challenge to get a hand around one of the chickens, but after you got them all tucked under your arm like a football, the kids said it got much easier.

Next month's Beyond the Blackboard event will take place on October 25th, and space is limited! Look out for more information for the Painting Pub led by Upper School Art Teacher Lucas Anderson to reserve your spot for this exciting and artistic night!

Up, Up, and Away
09/29/2014 2:51 PM

It was a bit more than a week ago, but the excitement is just coming back down to earth. The sixth graders at Marshall School launched a weather balloon from Bayfront Park during the Le Festival des Montgolfières à Duluth (Duluth Balloon Festival) on September 21.

The experience, which gives the Marshall students hands-on science, engineering and mathematics lessons (and is also, of course, totally awesome) marked the second time the Hilltoppers had launched a weather balloon during the festival in as many years.


Photo courtesy of the Marshall Weather Balloon

The 2014 flight path was quite a bit different than in 2013. This year, the Marshall weather balloon came to rest near Hayward, Wisconsin (see the actual flight path here), compared to the near Iron River, Michigan in the previous year (see the comparison of the two here).

“This is a really exciting, hands-on application of the work we are doing in sixth grade about the periodic table of elements,” said David Johnson, Marshall’s sixth grade science teacher. “It is one thing to say it, but another thing to see it when you think of understanding that helium floats because it is lighter than the nitrogen that makes up most of our air.”

You can even travel along with the balloon (but buckle your safety belt, this is a topsy-turvy ride) at these two videos (things really “take off” at the 1:49 mark).

The project also helps inform Johnson’s class in other science areas they are tackling, including the cloudiness of Brewery Creek on the Marshall School campus. The measurement of that cloudiness is known as turbidity.

Photo courtesy of the Marshall Weather Balloon

“The photographs we receive from the balloon and this project helps us better understand the additional work we are doing around turbidity,” said Johnson. “This information illuminates what we will learn about our creek here on campus in comparison with other areas in the St. Louis River estuary.”








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