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Emma Stauber '11 Featured in DNT Article
02/24/2015 8:58 AM

Emma Stauber '11 was featured in the DNT yesterday for her impressive career as a walk-on for the UMD Bulldogs Womens Hockey team. Read all about Emma and her successes below!


Growing up in Duluth, Emma Stauber spent her winter Sundays with her father, Jamie, watching Minnesota Duluth women’s hockey games. Sitting in the stands at the DECC, and later Amsoil Arena, Stauber said it was a dream of hers to play for her hometown Bulldogs.

“I grew up watching the program and watching their games,” said Stauber, now a senior defenseman for the Bulldogs. “My dad and I always went to the games on Sundays. It was always just one of those dreams to play here and play for your city.”

Stauber could have passed up her dreams of playing at UMD and taken a scholarship to play college hockey elsewhere, but instead the 2011 Duluth Marshall graduate walked on to the Bulldogs for the 2011-12 season.

Read the rest of the article online at

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Swimming Goes to State in its Second Year
03/02/2015 12:00 AM

A Topper tunnel for our tankers! In only its second year as a varsity program, Marshall is sending its first swim relay to state!

The 400 freestyle quartet of Brent Larson, Charles Kamper, Evan Ruikka, and David Kamper dropped more than six seconds from their preliminary seed time to finish 3rd in the finals with a time of 3:32.81, beating out Mesabi East by 0.64 seconds.

The Kamper brothers are also moving on to state in two individual events; the 200 freestyle where David finished second and Charles third, and the 500 freestyle where Charles was third again and David finished first with set a new section record time.

Rounding out podium finishes in individual events was Ruikka, taking 8th in the 200 Individual Medley and 7th in the 100 Backstroke during the section swim meet at Grand Rapids Saturday.

The Toppers now swim at the U of M Aquatic Center at the state meet March 5-7.

Thanks to Jim Jarocki and Kurt Kamper for the photos!



Four Toppers Volunteer at International Paralympic Committee Nordic Ski World Championships
02/26/2015 12:47 PM

Two sets of skiing siblings represented Marshall School at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Nordic Ski World Championships in Cable, Wisconsin last month. Lucy and Henry Campbell and Seth and Hazel Kemp skied the course before the competitors raced on the trail.

Their role was called forerunning, a largely symbolic role likened to the first pitch in baseball. However, it also held a functional purpose. One of the duties was to make sure trails are clear of any debris and loose snow. Additionally, their presence on the trail warned spectators the race was about to begin.

“I think that the thing I found most rewarding was watching parts of the races. I thought that it was really amazing how these athletes are so good at a sport despite having some form of setback in their lives,” said Seth Kemp.

With some Paralympians unable to use their legs, they rely purely on upper-body strength to propel themselves through the course. The forerunners from Marshall were encouraged to replicate this by only double poling the course–that is, using just their ski poles to move themselves and using their skis only to glide, not to push against the snow.

“When we were forerunning, we were encouraged to double pole the three kilometer race course,” said Hazel Kemp. “I did double pole the whole course and found it was very challenging at times, especially during uphills.”

Although it was challenging, the forerunners all found their experience at the IPC Nordic Skiing World Championships valuable.

“I found it very rewarding that I could watch very good athletes compete live and see that just because they were disabled, they were still very fit and capable of doing what they wanted to do,” said Henry Campbell.

Although the nordic season has wrapped up, the members of the nordic ski team have a season of good experiences to look back on. Volunteering at the IPC World Championships is just one of them.

“I have a lot of fun even though the team is small. Because of having a smaller team, the coaches can be more helpful with tips to help us improve. Most members of the team this year seemed very committed and overall the team improved, myself included,” said Seth Kemp.

With ski trails weaving throughout Marshall School’s campus, it isn’t hard for the skiers to find space to practice. The team also welcomes younger students and makes them feel included in the nordic ski family.

“I am not technically on the ski team since I am in 6th grade and I can't be officially on the team until I'm in 7th grade. The ski team is very fun and I enjoy it. I can go to some of the races and cheer on my teammates even though I can't race. We took a trip to the Birkebeiner trail in January and skied there for the day,” said Hazel Kemp.

-Story by Jimmy Lovrien







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