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Lucas Anderson

Fine Arts Faculty

  • Drawing & Painting (I, II, and III/IV), Ceramics (I, II, and III/IV), Photography (I/II and III/IV), Videography (I, II, III/IV), Visual Communications (I/II and III/IV), Intro to 2D and 3D Design, AP Studio Art (Independent Study)
  • 10th Grade Advisor

Kevin Breen

Head of School

Amber Burns

Train Your Brain Summer Program Coordinator

Fine Arts Faculty

  • 4th Grade Art, 5th Grade Art, 6th Grade Art, 7th/8th Grade Art
  • 6th Grade Advisor

Dylan Chernov

Director of the Marshall Academic Commons (MAC)

Humanities Faculty

  • Literature 7
  • 9th Grade Advisor

Tom Diener

Science Faculty

  • Biology, Earth Science 8
  • 8th Grade Advisor

Lori Durant

Humanities Faculty

  • Literature 7, Literature 8
  • 8th Grade Advisor

Cassie Erdmann

Mathematics Faculty

  • Honors Algebra 2, Calculus, Geometry
  • 10th Grade Advisor

Heather Fishel

Assistant Upper School Principal

Science Faculty

  • AP Physics

RoJean Flaherty

Humanities Faculty

  • English 4, Social Studies 4, English 5, Social Studies 5
  • 4th Grade Advisor

Ben Gagne

Technology Department

Network Administrator

Kari Greenan

World Language Faculty

  • French II, French III/Honors French III, Honors French IV, AP French Language, French 1B
  • 12th Grade Advisor

Ann Grover

World Language Faculty

  • World Language 6, German IA & IB
  • 6th Grade Advisor

Melanie Grune

Advancement Administrative Assistant

Nate Harsha

Social Studies Faculty

  • World Geography 8, Modern Global History
  • 8th Grade Advisor

Marlene Havron


Heather Holst

History Faculty

  • American Government

Amanda Houle


Technology Department

  • Technology 4, Technology 5, Technology 6

Joe Houle

Facilities Manager

Dave Johnson

Humanities Faculty

  • Science 6, Social Studies 6
  • 6th Grade Advisor

Donna Kanoff

Student Services Coordinator

Sorrel Kaspszak

Accounts Payable

Bettina Keppers

Director of Marshall House (Residence Hall)

Stephanie Kiero

Mathematics Faculty

  • Math 6, Social Studies 6
  • 6th Grade Advisor

Christa Knudsen

Director of International Programs

Dean Korach

Director of Food Service

Kelly Krenzen

Health Center Assistant

Scott Kylander-Johnson

Humanities Faculty

  • English 6, Social Studies 6
  • 6th Grade Advisor

Julie LaFond


Tony Lockhart

Director of Technology

History Faculty

  • Modern Global History, American Government

Megan Marshall-Leslie

Fine Arts Faculty

  • 6th Grade Band, 7th/8th Grade Band, Concert Band, Honors Concert Band, Jazz Band
  • 10th Grade Advisor

Topper Tunnels

One of our traditions is to send state bound students off to their competition with a "topper tunnel." where all students line the front hallway and cheer for their classmates. Some of the teams and activities honored recently include:

  • Math League
  • Dance
  • Robotics
  • All State Music
  • Tennis
  • CyberPatriots



If you had the opportunity to raise your level of confidence, would you take it?

Marshall students Phoenix Braxton-Brown and Sahen Rai leaped at this opportunity when they discovered the many wonders of Marshall's speech team. Students benefit from a litany of skills they gain while on the team: critical thinking, time management, speaking with purpose and structure, thinking before talking, organization, an understanding of human psychology, and more, but they agree that confidence far exceeds everything else.

"Before this year, whenever I went up to speak, I was always shy and spoke as quietly as possible and with as few words as possible," Braxton-Brown said. "But once you get to that level, that's one of the things that you have to have—you have to have a lot of confidence in order to actually speak and be successful."

And be successful, they have. Marshall tied for second as a team at sectionals, and five individuals are now moving on to compete at the MSHSL State Tournament this Saturday, April 22 in Apple Valley. Joining Braxton-Brown and Rai at state is Jack Schenk, Kellyn McKee, and Zachary Kaplan.

Monday, March 13, our community unites to demonstrate this excellence via the Marshall Fine Arts Showcase. This annual show has been a tradition for many years, and students beautifully reveal the heart of Marshall through their pieces. Done in partnership with Zeitgeist Arts, the event is a celebration of Youth Art Month. "We try to pick work that really showcases what we've been learning," Burns said, "or maybe a student really pushed their own boundaries and we're really proud of them."

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