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Sarah Seidelmann '85 to Appear on "Speak Your Mind"
01/23/2015 12:00 AM
Sarah Seidelmann '85 will once again be featured on PBS's Speak Your Mind, appearing alongside Psychologist Doug Heck on February 19. The video above is from Seidelmann's first appearance on the show in November 2014.
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Destination Imagination Instant Challenge Workshop
01/26/2015 10:20 AM
Three Marshall Destination Imagination teams used their creativity on Friday night to complete a variety of challenges in order to help prepare them for their tournament in March. Thanks to Karla Stevens for the photos and information!
Hilltoppers Explore Soudan Mine
01/23/2015 3:55 PM

Each year since the early nineties, eighth grade Hilltoppers have plummeted a half mile below earth’s surface into northern Minnesota’s Soudan Mine.

The students donned hard hats before being transported to the bottom of the mine by “The Cage” – the same elevator ridden by miners until operations stopped in 1962. The facility has been repurposed as Soudan Underground Mine State Park and offers tours to the public.

“It was a cool experience,” said eighth grader Maggie Landherr. “I’d probably not get to see that otherwise.”

The awe inspired by the mine, however, is not only felt by students. Science teacher Tom Deiner, who organizes the trip each year, said the experience never gets old. In addition to yearly visits, Diener has spent a summer and a half giving tours there.

“There’s nothing like it the world,” said Deiner. “I know no other place where you can get that far down into the earth.”

The subterranean trip fits into the eighth grade curriculum, which focuses on earth science and geology. Cade Johnson found the mining process interesting.

“The way that iron comes from the earth was cool,” he said. “We’re learning about the earth and rocks in class.”

Additionally, students learned about northern Minnesota’s mining history, which is why Duluth exists, Deiner stressed.

Although the field trip works in conjunction with his earth science course, Deiner brings his students a half mile underground year after year because their reaction to it is overwhelmingly positive.

“We do talk about the rocks. Earlier in the fall we had a unit on minerals and rocks,” said Tom Deiner. ”I’m just happy that they go. The first time they do it, maybe a few of them will get a little from the geology. I’m more interested in how the students are reacting. I love seeing how excited they are.”

Both Johnson and Landherr agree the experience was scary at first, but remains a highlight of the school year. The positive experience at the Soudan Mine is shared by Marshall students and Soudan Mine staff.

“They [the Soudan Mine staff] are happy that we go there. Our students are well received and they look forward to our students,” Diener said.







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