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Homecoming Assembly and Dress Up Days
09/19/2014 5:26 PM

Marshall's students all packed the gym Friday afternoon for a Homecoming pep assembly to get them rallied for the coming week! They will all be dressing up for Homecoming days, following the schedule listed below:
Monday: Fly out of your bed and wear your PJs to school. Make them into Superhero PJs with a cape!
Tuesday: It's Sidekick or Twin Day! Think Batman and Robin or Captain America and Bucky Barnes OR find your twin and match whatever you pull from your closet.
Wednesday: Create your own Superhero! Duct Tape Dude? Foil Girl? What will you come up with? Be creative!
Thursday: Marshall is full of our own Superheroes! Thursday is Superstar Athlete/Activity Day. Dress up in your favorite athletic apparel or activity and club gear to celebrate!
Friday: Who are we kidding??! We're all Superheroes because we're Topper Heroes! Show us your best Black and Gold and compete in the best-dressed contest during the Homecoming Pep Assembly!


Parent Tech Blog
Bonnie Malterer Publishes Memoir
09/19/2014 11:49 AM

Bonnie Malterer, a Marshall past parent, recently published a memoir about the adoption and life of her daughter, Annie Malterer '06. The memoir is a touching example of the love that occurred even before first sight.

The words came alive when spoken by Bonnie herself at a book reading that she hosted Thursday at the Duluth Woman's Club. This was her second reading and book signing, with the first happening earlier in September. The first featured an appearance by Annie herself, who is now living and working in New York City.

The book reading was an exuberant look into Bonnie's life and experiences, and the readings were punctuated by carefully-selected songs performed by the Downbeats - a musical group close to Bonnie's heart. At one point in the evening, the audience was invited to sing along with the Downbeats to "Dancing Queen" by Abba, which is a song that perfectly encapsulated the young Annie, whose great love for dancing began early and has been a passion ever since.

The memoir "Annie Comes Home" can be purchased at The Bookstore at Fitger's or online at

Marshall Votes on Scottish Independence
09/19/2014 4:46 PM

September 18th will go down in history as a crucial moment for democracy, the day that Scottish voters met at polling places around the nation to vote pro-independence or pro-union. Scottish citizens made sure they were well-informed in the weeks leading up to the momentous vote, and Marshall School students did some of the same research themselves.

Students from three sections of Modern Global History class gathered in the chapel Tuesday, September 16th to hear a town hall-style debate on the Scottish Independence Referendum. They were first given an introduction to Scottish history by their teachers Mr. Harsha and Mr. Lockhart, then Upper School Principal Brandon Neblett and Martyn Greenan, husband to Marshall teacher Mrs. Greenan (seen to the left wearing the Lion Rampant of Scotland), began their debate.

Greenan, a Scotsman himself, presented the pro-independence movement using common arguments overseas, citing the economic advantages of independence and the political advantages including the direct election of politicians. Neblett, who spent three years in Scotland, presented the pro-union movement using arguments that were key parts of the “Better Together” movement. He cited issues like the poor economic position that Scotland could be put in as a result of separation and the opportunity to gain more independent rights from the United Kingdom without having to separate entirely.

After a brief response from each side, the students were invited to ask questions of their own. One student wondered where Scotland would stand with the European Union if they were to break away from the United Kingdom, and if they would be allowed entry by default or if they would have to apply. Another wondered whether the oil reserves in Scotland would cause any kind of political tension if the vote for independence went through.

Research of this nature went on into the week, and Thursday, at the same time that Scotland was voting, Marshall students voted, as well. Overall, Marshall students sided with independence, with the final vote coming in at 29-14. But when asked what they thought the Scottish vote would be, the final tally was much closer, ending at 22-21 in favor of independence. Ultimately, Scotland voted in favor of remaining a part of the United Kingdom with a 55% majority. This result was contrary to the results of Marshall students, but it was a great exercise in the democratic process and enabled the students to think critically about a significant current event.







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