Welcome to Marshall School.

The mission of Marshall School is to educate students to become global citizens who demonstrate strong academic habits, respect, compassion, integrity, self-discipline, and intellectual curiosity

Why Marshall?

Character Building

"We are learning and working regularly with students younger and older than us, so compassion is really incorporated into everything we do with each other. It is also demonstrated by the teachers we work with and in the different projects we do together." Luisa, 8th grade

Global Education

Marshall welcomed visiting students and teachers from Vietnam this past Februray. International exchanges like this one enhance our students' abilities to interact with other cultures and ideologies.

Intellectual Curiosity

"We have freedom to research and choose curriculum that fits our learners and is proven to be most successful. We have a supported freedom here to try new things." Ms. Kiero, 5th & 6th grade teacher

Access and Involvement

More than 90% of students participate in one of 20 different athletics options, and students have access to more than 40 clubs and student organizations.

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Individualized Learning

"We have individual learning experiences. There are options in every classroom that I can find that fit me." TJ, 10th grade

Community and Relationships

"I know I am building relationships here that will maximize my potential. There is great support here. They help me with the decisions I am making during this time, and I know I will be connected to them forever." Keyur, 9th grade

Inclusive Community

"As a new student at Marshall I have found a community that is the most kind and accepting that I could've imagined." Bree, 9th grade

College Placement

Recent graduating classes have been offered an average of $5 million in scholarships

Dynamic Learning

Our students take part in many self-directed and interactive projects, from Genius Hour and Maker's Fairs to literature-based Minecraft.

News & Announcements

Families sitting in movie theaters, drivers zooming past virtual billboards, travelers mesmerized by the screens in seatbacks on commercial flights, teens browsing YouTube or scrolling through Facebook—we are all surrounded by moving images everywhere we turn. "We live in a world of videography, It's so amazing and so intimidating and so well-edited, but I tell my students, these people started somewhere, they started with, 'Let's do a stop motion of these guys,'" Lucas Anderson, Upper School Art Teacher, reaches for two fist-sized orange and white gourds resting on a table in the art room and shuffles them back and forth. "It's just about creativity."

Our Upper School art students explore the frontier of modern-day cinema in the art department's newest elective: Videography. This is the course's third semester, and its momentum is ferocious, as already both a level II and an honors level III class have blossomed in its wake.

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Beyond the Classroom


Global Education

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